Twisted Tradition – 2 Quick and Quirky saree looks

So many of you have asked me, how I effortlessly wear the saree. With time, I have realized that this form of clothing is fashion’s best find. There is so much one can do with a saree.

We all have heard of “twisted tradition”, thanks to the innumerable fashion shows that we are exposed to. I am really fond of this trend. Wearing sarees differently just makes it more versatile and wearable.

Since the festive season is around the corner, take out your sarees and wear them in an unusual yet stylish way. I have decoded two looks, which you can try with any saree you feel like.


Saree by Plumage

Traditionally, the pallu of a saree is worn on the left side. Tried a different drape by neatly pleating it to the right side and adding a waistcoat. You can simply add a colourful jacket for a more quirky look.



Saree by Plumage

Twist the pallu and quirk up your look. You can wear the saree with a long top if you have a fuller body like mine. Else wear a crop top instead of a long one. This ensures that the saree is manageable and the look is funky.


Always remember, a saree depicts the various moods of a woman. SO go ahead and paint a beautiful picture of yourself in a saree, this festive season.

Sarees by – Plumage_Boutique

Photographs by – Sougata Datta

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