The only resolution is – NOT TO QUIT

So here we are in a fresh new year. After all the greetings, fanfare, discussions on how good or bad the year was, all the lessons learnt, we are back to reality. According to a lot of people the new year is nothing but a change of date. Everything continues the way it would in the past year. Resolutions are made only to be broken in the first month. But does that mean we should not look forward to something fresh, bigger and better? The answer is NO. Looking forward to better things is what we call hope.


Last year saw a lot of milestones in my life. I quit a job which gave me some beautiful friends and happy memories. I was there for more than four and half years and the decision to move on was not easy. But i did it. I quit only because there were better things lined up for me and my future. My brother who is so precious to me, got married. Seeing him taking that big bold step was everything that dreams are made of.


Amongst all these highs, I saw quite a few lows. Every year I felt I need to give more time to my blog, but due to work commitment it never happened. When I gained followers I felt so happy. When the unfollowing started, everything related to the blog started affecting me. Last year there came a time when I thought of not pursuing this anymore. Few friends had stopped liking my posts but then I got a lot of love from strangers. Yes it is weird. Sometimes people who you think should support you, actually don’t.


When I thought this is it and it going nowhere, the only thing that i could think of was one candid discussion which I had with my friend Devina, three years ago, over a cup of tea. We spoke about how this would be the bright spark in my life. How my blog would make me do something other than what my job makes me do. How I will be able to connect to people outside my small little world. I remembered how I started Drape A Story. And I realized that the only resolution I should make, is not to quit.


This was not a new year resolution. You do not have to make resolutions only in the new year. Make one every now and then to grow, excel and to never quit. Because that is what life is. We need to nurture it for it to breathe. So is our dreams. Till we don’t support our own dreams and help them grow, we will never be able to achieve them.


So let’s not quit. Because that is easy. And we started knowing it won’t be easy šŸ™‚



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