Play with Indigo – The Indo-Western Way

Happy Dusshera folks and Subho Bijaya!


It’s been a nice and easy day. A mid week off is so rejuvenating. Since it is the last day of Durga Pujo, I am a little low. These festivals are the perfect way to get your roots together. We work non stop. In this fast paced life we tend to forget everything and everyone. When was the last time we stopped by our neighbors place to drop a hi? I managed to do that last evening, since she called me for “haldi kumkum.” It was the first time I saw people who stay on floors, other than mine. Their kids are preparing for medical, IIT, Navy. I got to know so much by just taking out twenty minutes of my time.

I have been a festive junkie. Eid, Durga Pujo, Diwali, Christmas. You name it and I celebrate it. Their is nothing like enjoying and blending in with the happiness that these festivals spread. But I don’t want to restrict myself to just festivals. We all need to take time out for not just others but also for ourselves.

We spend so much of money in these fancy spas and therapies (including me). But do you know, maybe taking a day off from work and walking your dog to the park can give you the same output as a spa? Talking to your friend whom you have lost touch with; ordering dinner for your parents who live in a separate city; buying that favorite book and reading it. All of this and more. Maybe your skin will seem less polished, but your soul will feel fresh.


Today’s blog is about something that makes me happy. A fashion rage that I really like. It is the Indo-Western trend which will be brought to light with the on-trend Indigo dupattas. This fabulous colour which has been on trend for the longest time, has created a fashion statement of it’s own. Team Ethnic Dori sent me a bunch of gorgeous Indigo dupattas. They all looked lovely and had pretty Indian motifs on it. It is easy to do a salwar suit and dupatta. But I wanted to break the code. Since, I am trying to do that in a personal level, I felt like doing the same with these dupattas.

Indo-western wear or fusion clothing is no longer a fashion statement. It has become a part of our daily wardrobe. We use jhumkas with trouser and shirt, kurtis with jeans, jutis with skirts. It has become a fashion revolution. Indian wear is beautiful and unique. However, not everyone wants to carry it off everyday. Giving Indian clothing a twist is a boon for the ethnic wear industry itself.



We all have heard a lot about all black and all white. Since I had indigo on my mind, I was keen to create an all blue look. The look book has a denim shirt, a navy blue striped slit skit and an indigo dupatta. To break the blue, I used a rajasthani hand embroidered colourful sling bag.

This look defines, being comfortable in your own skin. Instead of using stoles and scarves, which I feel is just a shorter version of a dupatta, go all out and flaunt your dupatta. The mixing of two Indian pieces of fashion and two western, surprisingly creates a fashionable statement.

Never, over-do it. Don’t use too much Indian with western wear. Every piece should effortlessly merge with each other. From the above look, you can easily replace the skirt with jeans or jeggings and the denim shirt with any other loose shirt.




Salwar suit does not have to be bright, bling and out and out traditional. It can be a beautiful figment of your imagination. Since my theme is indo-western, the second look has a kurti, a palazzo, indigo dupatta and jhumkas.

The kurti, is actually the most popular outcome of indo-western style. It is neither an out and out kurta nor a shirt or top. Therefore, I teamed it with a palazzo, in order to give some volume to the look.

This look is high up on comfort and can be easily taken to work. You can add some more accessories, like a neckpiece or finger ring.


This trend of Indo-western clothing is gaining popularity with each passing day. It is constantly evolving and growing. Indian designers have explored this trend immensely. They have taken it internationally across various fashion weeks. The NRI community has gained from this trend. They can blend in with the western culture while keeping a piece of their tradition. Apart from NRI’s, even tourists visiting India have been spotted in Indo-western wear.

I believe, this vogue is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. It strikes the right balance of being fashionable yet comfortable.


Dupattas by – Ethnic Dori

Photographs by – Anshul Mehta

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