Mumbai Series: Marine Drive

Have you ever felt that you belong to a place even when you were not born or raised there? Do you have feelings for a place just the way you have for people close to you? I feel all of the above for Bombay, now Mumbai.

I came to this city eight years ago. Initially it was a lot of struggle. My friends and family kept telling me I am not meant for this fast paced life. Soon, I started believing them. But something within me kept holding me back. This city did not let me give up.  It just made me stronger. Soon, even before I knew it, I became a Mumbaikar. I feel the pulse of this place and it just makes me happy and contended.

Today, I choose to start a small series on my city – Mumbai. I will write a post on all my favourite places in Mumbai and what I feel about them.

The first has to be the place which represents this city so beautifully – Marine Drive. The “Queens Necklace” brings out the beauty of this city. On one side you see the unending sea and on the other the fast paced Mumbai life.

When I sit on Marine Drive, I can feel multiple emotions running through me. Suddenly, I start introspecting. That place, even though has a lot of people at any given point of time, gives you your own space.  I feel happy to see families, friends, couples spending quality time together. It just shows how Marine Drive is an outlet for so many of us. You will find people from all walks of life. Sometimes, many go there just to find peace and slow down their pace.PSFix_20180520_190749

I associate Marine Drive with hope. Hope that everyone finds what that they are looking for. A place where you can just be yourself. No pretense, no fake smiles, no pressure. Just a moment of self realization and introspection.





Oh, I did not mention about my outfit. Wore these comfortable hand-block palazzo which I bought from Udaipur. That store actually stitched these for me in 24 hours.

I will continue with this series and hope you all will like it. If you love Bombay as much as I do, let me know your favourite places too.

Photographs by – Sougata Datta

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