For the love of Goa

This is no travel blog. You will not be flooded with “where to eat”, “what to see”, “where to stay” kind of updates. This blog is just for the love of Goa.

I have often been asked, why do I take off to Goa whenever there is a long weekend. Well, there are so many reasons for that.

Putting down my favourite reasons for running away to Goa:

  • Beach. No other reason can top this list. I love the beach life. Hours of doing nothing but just staring at the waves.


  • Food. Prawns, calamari, fish, beef, pork. You name it and you will get it. The unique taste of Goan food is something I crave for once I am back to Mumbai. The food is cheap and delicious. Vindaloo, xacuti and sorpotel are my favourites. Not to forget the simple goan fish curry and rice. That is what I call comfort food.


  • The walks are not tiring at all. Ask me to walk a kilometer in Mumbai and I will frown. In Goa, I walk from one beach to another without complaining.  Walking in Goa will make you see so much more than what you could have imagined.


  • The colourful houses and green by-lanes will make you stay there longer. That kind of greenery is not found anywhere. The smell of fresh air is music to your lungs.


  • The feel of the place is so positive. It is a mix bag of modernism and old school goan culture. I love the way the hippies have settled in Goa and adapted to the culture of the place. You will love the nightlife and the peaceful sunsets too.


  • Train travel. Have you ever travelled to Goa by train? If not, you are missing out on the most breathtaking views of the konkan coast.


  • Stay in Goa is very economical. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a convenient location to stay. I used Airbnb this time and totally loved the experience.


  • I like it when I don’t have to be conscious of what I am wearing., when on a holiday I like this place for letting people be comfortable in their shorts, bikini and tank tops.

Sharing few moments that I have captured in Goa.


View from the train


The unending walks


Lets sit and stare


Flaunt your style

AirBrush_20170813144823Eat healthy and yummy


Experience the nightlife


Stop by colourful houses


Enjoy some cozy time


Soak in the culture


Watch the sun set


Sit and do nothing


Visit beautiful places


Stay comfortably 


Never want to return


Photographs by – Sougata Datta

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