Cotton Love from Salem and Coimbatore

Sari Revival – South Edition II


Do not get fooled by that smiling face in the picture. The temperature in Bombay is not letting anyone smile. I have always enjoyed reading about summer in story books. How fancy it sounds! Flowers blooming, people walking by the stream, fresh fruits and vegetables. Such fairy-tales do not exist in reality. It could have been that way, if we cared a little about the environment. I am no one to preach. There has been no major contribution from my end. But these soaring temperatures is surely a concern.

One of the biggest issues that I face during summers is – what to wear, so that I can live through the day?! We all have cotton clothes, but never in abundance. Somehow, the importance of this fabric has not been much. The reason being, fabrics have evolved over a period of time. Different styles, require a different fabric. But this insane summer has made me realized the importance of the humble cotton.

Today, along with Revival Project I will take you’ll through the fairy-tale stories of COTTON. It is of no surprise anymore, as to how these beautiful clothes have been created. Saris from Coimbatore, Salem and Chettinad cotton have been given a fresh new avatar. Contemporary, chic, powerful yet grounded. This is what the blog is about.


  1. The Summer Wedding Saga:

How often have you thought of wearing something “different” for a wedding? I am sure every time you get an invite, you think that way. However, we always end up wearing the regular set outfits.

Revival Project give you a reason to break the norm. Maxi dress created from handloom cotton with plain border, gives you so much of a reason. The dress is plain, with the focus area being the arms, where the sari’s pallu does a little bit of magic.

It is comfortable and flowy. The plain dress, helps you become creative. I brought out my statement necklace, put up the hair in a bun, added gajra and was all set. Unfortunately, I did not have a wedding to attend! But if you have one, you know what you can wear.

Style is evolving with each passing day. Everyone wears a sari, a salwar suit, a cocktail dress. Wear something that you will be comfortable in, yet leave behind a statement.


2. The Boss Babe:

Yes, you can be a boss babe, wearing that piece of Indian Handloom. Western wear is fabulous, i really like them. But what if I tell you, I can offer you some serious spunk with Indian Handloom western wear?

Look at that dress and jacket in the picture above. The jacket is created from a Chettinad cotton sari. The dress from a pure handloom dhoti, with piping from a cotton sari. Firstly, I am a total check blazer lover. Never had I ever seen a sari being converted into one!

The dress is white and divine for summers. The material is light, soft and comfortable. It is your perfect date for a hot summer day. Since dresses and blazers are always in style, this time try something unique for the next meeting at work. Put on this comfortable white dress, throw the blazer on top, close the look with a sleek belt. The look gives out a very powerful yet graceful vibe.

The blazer can come off once you are off work and ready to hit the nearest pub for some time off with friends. All in all this look is a winner. At work and off it.


3. Little Red Riding Hood:

The moment this dress was delivered to me, I knew how i wanted the photo shoot to be. I am totally in love with it. The soft small checks and button up bottom, makes this dress so girly.

Again, revived from Chettinad cotton sari, it has given modern design a whole new twist. This playful dress is your perfect partner for a lunch date, girly time with your besties or a day in the mall.

I have used a thin brown belt to give a little edge to the look. You can wear it just like that. The best part about this outfit is it is comfortable, easy going yet so so stylish. The fabric is light and the look so summery. Nothing needed to be added to this cute and pretty thing.


4. The Drama Mama:

Beautiful, confident, independent, dreamer, believer. We women have so many adjectives that define us. However, what is the fun without some drama? Don’t we all love a little bit of that in our otherwise regular lives. We enjoy attention. We love when we get compliments. We love ourselves and there is absolutely no harm in doing so.

This outfit had so much of oomph and style attached to it, that it created some drama of its own. An off shoulder dress paired with a jacket, made out of Kanchipuram cotton sari. I have loved the way the pallu has been used around the neck and on the borders. It gives so much room to detailing.

This outfit is a show stopper. Wear it wherever you want. With or without the jacket. It leaves behind a classic charm of it’s own.


IMG_2750 (2)

5.  The Damsel who is not in Distress:

Let me admit that lavender is one of my favourite colours. It is warm, pure and so soothing to the eyes. I think it is the perfect summer colour.

Revival Project knows exactly what is in trend and when. Midi dresses have been doing the rounds for a very long time. It is the perfect length for women of any frame. This lovely midi dress has been created out of a cotton sari from Salem. The fabric has a little shine to it, which makes it look even better.

The USP of this dress is however the back. The use of the sari’s pallu has been very effectively done here. The cross back is unique in itself. Putting the pallu there, takes the dress to another level.

Keep the look simple. Just add a chain neck piece and maybe a headband for the damsel look. Wear this to work or dinner. It works as the perfect shift dress.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my collaboration with Revival Project. They have been an inspiration when it comes to the work done for Indian Handloom. Together we have weaved a story that will bring forth the charm of the lost Indian Handloom.

Wardrobe: Revival Project

Photographs by: Sameer Lodhi and Priyadarshini Mitra

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