Celebrating the colors of Kutch with Bandhani and Gamthi

I am a complete color person. Since childhood I have loved almost every color. Pink, blue, red, purple you name it and I will have it in my wardrobe. I am not too much of a black and white girl. So, when Tantu -Weaves at work asked me to cover the most colorful art form of India – Bandhani, I was excited and elated.

None of us are new to the beautiful colors of Bandhani. Vibrant, rich, warm and striking, this art surely captures every mood. Coming from the land of Rajasthan and Gujarat -the two most colorful states of India, it defines the magnificent culture of the land.

However, the youth of India, does not really understand the essence of Indian art form. For them, Indian fabric is boring and old school. It does not fit into their “modern” everyday culture. This kind of thinking will soon kill what we proudly call our culture and heritage.

Through this blog, I am trying to bring about alternative fashion into mainstream. It is a small effort to stay connected to our roots, yet stay modern.


KURTA, JEANS and a lot more:

Yes, kurta with jeans is done and dusted. But adding few edgy elements ain’t. This black bandhani kurta with bhujodi work on the sleeves is worn with a pair of denims, peach sneakers, colorful choker and a hair clip put on the edge of the jeans. When was the last time you took handloom to college?  Maybe it’s time.





Firstly, I love this color! Isn’t this the prettiest thing ever?

So, the saree petticoat is one of the most humblest thing in our wardrobe and quite underrated as well. Therefore, I tried to do some justice to it. A kurta with a skirt, always looks good. The skirt just got replaced with a petticoat! A grey tissue dupatta added some mild spunk. Amongst all the elements, I still let the kurta stand out. I am taking this look to the next sangeet or mehendi function that I attend. Where will you take it?





Gamthi, which is so rare these days, is style of block print that dates back to the medieval ages in India. Tantu -Weaves at work  has taken this art form to a different level. Used usually for dupattas/chunaris and turbans, here we see the beautiful blend of modern and ethnic.

This comfortable pair of pants is more stylish than your regular palazzo and leggings. Since the print is so striking, the over all styling had to be free flowing. An embroidered crop top is worn over a black singlet, creating a slight peplum look. You can also wear a jacket with this for some layering.





We have all got into the phase of wearing straight pants or palazzo with kurtas. What happened to that modest salwar? This beautiful yellow bandhani kurta made me create the ultimate traditional look. The original salwar kameez look. Nothing extraordinary is done. Just a beautiful handloom kurta worn with a salwar and dupatta. And there stand the Indian girl in front of you. Sometimes, simplicity can win over everything else.



Wardrobe – Tantu – Weaves at work

Photographs by – PixelGlee by Rishi Gajbhiye

The aim of Tantu –  The aim of Tantu is to support the dying Indian weaves and promote the weavers and their beautiful work. They aim to reach out to an audience from the age group of 16 to 60 to create awareness that Indian wear is not only meant for occasions or festivals, but rightly styled handloom apparels can be worn to college, work, brunches and everywhere else and look classy and elegant. At Tantu they aim at letting the weaves work their magic.

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