Beauty of the Indian Tussar Silk


I have seen so many of my friends and acquaintances being passionate about their hobbies. They have a nine to five job. But that never stopped them from going ahead and exploring what they really wanted to do. I always wondered, if their was anything that would mean so much to me. I have a job. I am drawing a decent salary. What else do I need?

The past three weeks were crazy. My mother came over all the way from Kolkata for my birthday. Oh yes, i turned the big 30 last Saturday. It is always wonderful to have family around. My brother popped in a surprise visit too. What a wonderful week that was. She left today. The house looks empty!

Amongst all the revelry, I was itching for something. Something that I was not attending to. That strange feeling of restlessness is not a good feeling at all. I haven’t shot in three weeks. I have not put up a blog. This whole gap has been so unsettling. All I wanted to do was, get up, dress up, shoot and blog. This is when I realized what this blog meant to me. This is the kind of passion I always wanted in my life. And that is exactly what I have found 🙂


Today’s blog is about the classy, subtle, royal and beautiful fabric – tussar silk. Once again in collaboration with the fabulous team of Ethnic Dori, we bring to you a silk which was discovered in the medieval times.

Growing up in Calcutta has been a huge boom for me. Since childhood I have been introduced to various fabrics. Kantha, kota, tant, tussar, you name it and we own it. Possessing sarees of different fabrics is considered to be priceless back there. As a child I never understood why mom would have so many different kinds of sarees. Now, I am thankful to her for the same.

Tussar defines grace. The beautiful dull gold texture is the perfect base for various embroidery and prints. Nature is the biggest source of inspiration for the work done on this fabric. Flowers, buds, leaves, animals, everything sits pretty on this.

Team Ethnic Dori, sent across four beautiful dupattas for the shoot. I have always seen sarees and salwar suits in this fabric. Majority of the women own that. But these dupattas are so charming that it redefines the use of this fabric.


Print on tussar:

The artistic print on the dull gold tussar fabric,creates a wonderful sight for the eyes. It is elegant, sophisticated and makes you look so dignified. With modernization, prints have taken over embroidery. The good part is, it does not ruin the charm of the fabric.

It is best to use a printed tussar silk dupatta against plain kurtas. We all like experimenting. But sometimes the old fashioned approach to age old fabrics helps keep its charm. I did just that. Chose a dull maroon kurta for one shoot and black for the other. It played perfect host to the beautiful printed dupattas. You can choose a red, indigo, orange or dark green to team against this.


Two beautiful images have been used as prints. Peacock and elephant; both beautifully represent art. The imagery looks so fine drawn. Both of them stand out as unique and different from each other.

Since India is the largest producer of tussar silk, owning one is a must. Thousands of tribal women in West Bengal and Jharkhand earn their livelihood by weaving Silk out of cocoons. It is an industry that needs to survive so that our heritage exists.


Embroidery on Tussar:

Even before we had prints, we had the beautiful art form of embroidery. Even today, embroidery or handcraft is considered to be more artistic than print. As I mentioned earlier, tussar as a dull gold fabric plays the perfect host for prints and embroidery.

These pretty floral motifs looks so elegant on a classy fabric like this. Since the embroidery was floral, I chose to wear a statement necklace, inspired by nature.


Tussar silk is the perfect amalgamation of style and class. It has a story of its own to tell. Wear it as a saree, shirt, kurta or dupatta, heads will turn. You can make every occassion a little more special by carrying this fabulous fabric, whose 10 meters of cloth takes 10 days to finish! One of the finest quality of tussar is, it is a much cooler fabric than the other silks. It is light, which makes it more wearable.


We Indians, love ethnic wear for special occasions. Festivals, pujas, family gatherings, all of it requires something special. Next time, you hit it out in ethnic, do it in some tussar style. Not only will you look ethereal and classy, you will manage yourself like a boss.

Give Tussar an entry into your wardrobe and help those thousands of tribal women who are the faces behind this royal weave.

Dupattas by – Ethnic Dori

Photographs by – Venkata Susmita Biswas 


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