5 Easy ways to style your Handloom dress

We all love western silhouettes, don’t we? Dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets; they all look so classy and sleek. First day of college or at work, we choose our best outfit, which is usually not a desi one. Then there are the ones who prefer desi styles over western. Both these styles are different and graceful in their own way. I love my dresses and my sarees.

When it comes to being conscious about the fabric and method used to produce my saree, there are so many options available. Quite a few brands and individuals are successfully working together to ensure we do not consume fast fashion. They are opting for the ethical route and are working with weavers who produce sustainable fashion for us.

Sadly, the number of fast fashion stores, online and offline are larger than that of slow fashion when it comes to the western silhouette space (at least in India). However, I am seeing a small rise in the number of brands with regards to this; but then affordability becomes an issue. We always feel anything that is handmade is expensive. Well, yes it is more than that outfit you will buy from an online store. It is because someone is putting in a lot of effort in making something for you and also taking care of the fact that it doesn’t cause damage to the environment. So helping them earn a living is better than buying off dozens of clothes in a Black Friday Sale.

While chatting with the team of Tilohri, we went about discussing, how artisans today are understanding the need of the younger generation and are weaving western dresses out of Indian fabrics. Her team of weavers worked on looms to produce beautiful western silhouettes in handloom. These are dresses which can be worn to work, a brunch or a date. The idea is to make people understand that slow fashion is not boring. Slow fashion is not only about styles available in Indian silhouettes.

When I received these dress, I thought about 5 quick and easy styles to take these handloom dresses anywhere. Sharing them below.


  1. Pick up a statement neck-piece and add some drama to the dress. It does not mess with the style, yet adds so much glamour.


2. Make a new outfit out of a dress. This black handloom dress seemed to be the perfect pair for these handblock pants. Keep the colour tone and fabric similar.


3. Ditch the big totes and choose a sling bag. It will be even more nice if you can opt for a handmade bag.


4. Go for little bling. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. You will be invited to a lot of parties now. So add some bling and go for it. Please don’t over-do though.


5. Wear it as it is. There could be days when you would not like to add anything to your outfit. On one such day, let the charm of a handloom dress work. Wear it as it is. You will surely get noticed, twice.

Give handloom a chance. India is the only country which has such diverse fabrics, textiles and designs. The entire West wants to take a piece of it back when they visit us. Let’s choose the sustainable route 🙂

Outfits by – Tilohri India

Photographs by the very talented Bhavesh


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