The string of love – Rakshabandhan Special Styles

“You know right, Mom and Dad picked you from the dustbin?”

“Oh. just wanted to tell you that Mom loves me more than you!”

“You know why you don’t look like either Mom or Dad? Because you are adopted”

All of us who have siblings, have grown up listening to the above and so much more. I remember, I did not want my brother to ever have the television remote. So I used to carry it with me, even to the washroom. I know it sounds silly right now, but back then, it was damn serious!

Amongst all the fights, tearing each other’s hair, complaining to mom, one thing that has always been constant and real, is the fact that we always have each other’s back. No matter what happens, no matter what time of the day it is, I know I can dial one number that will make me feel better. My brother is younger to me by six years but acts like my guardian most of the times. Those close to me, knows he is the most precious part of my life. We have grown through everything together, good, bad and ugly. As a child I used to protect him from all the negativity around us. But soon, the tables turned and he became the one taking care of me.

Till the time I was in Calcutta, we celebrated Rakhi every year.  After I moved out for higher studies, meeting on Raksha Bandhan got difficult. Once I got a job, we would plan trips around Rakhi. That feeling of tieing a rakhi around your brother’s wrist is so beautiful. The bond between siblings is that of both family and friend. They will stand by you just like family does and listen to you just like a friend does. I am super excited to meet my brother and super cute sister-in-law for Rakhi this year.

Since we will be celebrating Rakhi after a good number of years, I wanted to wear something really nice. While putting my thoughts together, I came up with styling ideas from what already lies in my wardrobe. So I thought it would be nice to do a blog and share some ideas with you’ll.

I have curated two styles, which can be used this Rakhi or whenever you all feel like using it. I picked three things from my wardrobe – one white shirt, one raw silk saree, one belt. Two very easy and different styles have been created using the above pieces together.


Style 1:



Style 2:


I am really looking forward to sharing my Rakhi look with everyone on the 15th. So happy to be able to use items that already exist in my wardrobe and create some really different looks with it. Do share your ideas on how you are planning to restyle outfits, this Rakhi.

Happy Rakshabandhan everyone! Have the best time with your siblings. Even if you don’t have a brother, but have a sister, go ahead and spoil each other.

About the saree: This pretty raw silk saree is from Sundari Silks. They have recently opened a store in Mumbai. If you are from this city, do visit them. 

Photographs by: Sougata Datta


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