3 Reasons why you should wear Handloom Sarees

So everyone goes environment friendly for one day, that is 5th June, which is supposedly World Environment Day. It is nice that everyone is doing their bit, but do we really care beyond a point? I am guilty of using plastic all my life. It is difficult to reverse that habit, but I am trying my best. There are so many other concerns which we really cannot address. But we can surely take small steps towards a cleaner environment.

I met Saif through Instagram. He is the owner of Luxurious Saree Estate , based out of Varanasi. He is a believer in sustainable fashion and only deals with handloom. While chatting with him, he mentioned why he chose handloom. His reasons are what I will mention as my top 5 reasons too:


  1. Handlooms are dying:

In the present scenario, with the birth of power looms, more than 70% market has textiles from the power loom sector.  This is affecting our rural handloom industry who are dependent on the sale of the product they are creating. Therefore, we should only purchase authentic handloom and not power loom. Remember, your one purchase can help lakhs of weavers.


2. They are eco-friendly:

Every handloom product is made from 100% natural fibers which is eco-friendly. This is one small way to ensure we are a part of the responsible fashion brigade. When you buy a handloom saree, be rest assured that there is no chemical used in making one. The dyes used are natural which will not harm your skin or the environment.


3. Vastness of weaves:

India doesn’t fail to surprise anyone when it comes to vastness of culture. Every state has a different weave to boast about. With unique weaving, painting and needlework every saree is different from the other.

It is time we stand up and choose what we think is right and responsible towards the environment. Look around you, environment change is real and is happening right now. I hope we all can look forward to a better environment in the coming years.





Photographs by: Sameer Lodhi  and Sougata Datta




  1. Not a saree lover..but this is so worth reading..so knowledgeable..really fresh..n yes u look really pretty & beautiful..😘😘


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