3 Easy Summer Layering Fusion Styles

Are you one of those who loves the idea of summer but cannot really bear it? Well, I am surely that person. I enjoy the blooming flowers, the sunlight, late sunsets,  and everything bright. But all this when I don’t have to step out in the scorching Mumbai heat. I feel as if every part of my skin is erupting into heat rashes and a heat wave is out there to get me. Dramatic but true. I wish our summers were not so extreme so that we could enjoy it to the fullest.

However, one thing that I quite like about this season is summer dressing. All my florals, whites, pastels and cotton clothes are out and thoroughly used. One interesting styling tip that I recently came across was summer layering. There are so many creative ways of pulling this one out. All you need to understand is which fabrics work best.

When I researched a little on summer layering, I noticed that so many people have been doing this and doing it really well. I quite liked the idea and tried styling three different outfits with one cotton buttoned kurta as the main layer. It’s great to see how layering in summer can be effective without succumbing to heat stroke.


Cotton over Cotton:

A cotton shrug style kurta worn over a cotton saree can add some structure to a usually flared up cotton saree. For really hot days, you can use a sleeveless cotton or khadi shrug over a saree and hold it up with a belt.





Sometimes sticking to the same colour family can do wonders and be an easy trick. A crop top with a high waist pant and a cotton shrug style kurta can be your go to summer outfit. You can easily swap the crop top with a sleeveless vest.





To create a boho style during summers, take out a silk skirt and your silver jewellery. Layer the skirt with a cotton shrug for comfort and some chic style. Indian accessories are best when it comes to creating anything boho.



Wardrobe: My Own

Photographs by: Sougata Datta

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