3 Easy Saree Trends for a Boho-Chic look

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact, that a saree is the most beautiful drape on a woman. What makes it even better, is an interesting twist to this beauty. I have always tried to reinvent the styling of a saree, in ways more than one.

There are many fascinating and fresh ways of wearing a saree. These definitely elevate the style quotient. I have picked up 3 interesting things from my wardrobe to style 3 different sarees for a fusion and boho-chic look. Here it goes:

Saree with a kurta/tunic:


A lot of designers have used this trend on the runway. It is easy, popular, comfortable and stylish. Wear the tunic over the saree for a quirky and boho look. I have pinned a earing on the pocket to give an edge to the entire look. This stunning chanderi tie and dye saree from Waterfall Curated looks beautiful with this white kurti.



Saree with a tee:


How convenient is it, to pick up a tee from your wardrobe and wear it with a saree? It might sound like trash, but it surely doesn’t look like! Pick up a tee, tie a knot and drape the saree. Go out and out boho with this look. This pink mull cotton tie and dye saree from  Waterfall Curated , has found the perfect partner in this white tee. You can also use full sleeve shirts, peplums and ruffle tops for a more glamorized look.


Saree with a belt:


It is amazing when you have an element that supports your saree. It is such a relief to keep that pallu on place, without having to adjust it all the time. And what works better than a belt? This linen tie and dye saree by Waterfall Curated looked ideal with this thin belt. Choose the belt according to the saree. You can use embellished belts for a party and leather belts for the workplace. Try this for a sharp and smart look.



About Waterfall Curated : This amazing initiative got formed, when a saree crazy working woman, met a perfectionist designer. The two embarked upon a journey of traveling to different states and meeting artisans to collaborate with for the perfect saree.

Photographs by: Sougata Datta


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