4 ways to style ONE Indigo tie and dye crop top

When I saw a crop top for the first time, I was rest assured that this fashion trend will never make it’s way to my wardrobe. Smaller version (in length) of our regular top, is only for those who own a zero size figure. I have a fuller body and cannot imagine showing off my midriff!

However, thankfully sooner than later, it dawned upon me, the crop top is actually quite a versatile piece of clothing. There are so many ways in which one could style them. You can actually wear a crop top without showing any skin!

The ones available in stores appeared to be too funky or too mainstream. I always wanted to own a crop top which had the right length and wasn’t only meant for college going girls. When 10 Monochrome asked me to collaborate with her for the perfect Indigo tie and dye crop top, I was thrilled. This piece made complete sense to me and my blog, which reflects ethnic alternative fashion.

So if you are wondering what all you can do with just ONE top, here are 4 easy ways to style it:

  1. Pair it with a high waist trouser:


You really don’t have to show your belly button, just because your top is short. Pair is with any high waist bottom (jeans, skirt, trouser) and you will be able to minimize or completely not show the midriff.


2. Wear a Maxi Skirt:


Maxi skirts are always a savior. They are fun and funky. The crop top and maxi skirt is a spring essential. Play around with matching colors and cute accessories.


3. Layer it with a kurta:


Elevate your plain kurtas by wearing a crop top over it. This adds structure to your overall Indian attire and makes it more stylish.


4. Add it to your saree:


My favorite part of the combination is here! A saree can highlight anything. SO trash the old fashioned blouse and put on the crop top instead.


Go ahead ladies, turn heads in your crop top, without showing any skin!

About 10 Monochrome:

Aparajita Tiwari, a NIFT alumna, has embarked on an exciting journey into the online fashion spectrum. With her online shopping venture 10 Monochrome, she aims to showcase her personal style into designs that are wearable yet stylish.

Photographs by – Sougata Datta

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