5 Cool things about a Shift Dress!

Like every girl (well almost), I have always faced this issue of that perfect outfit for post work parties or get-together. Somehow, I have never really liked the idea of carrying a change to work, just because I have to go out post work. Isn’t it a clumsy thing to do? And the looks that you get for being over excited, is just another thing!

So when Karpasa offered me a collaboration for their cotton contemporary shift dresses, I jumped. Because, I finally found that perfect outfit which would work well in office and post that.


While doing the shoot, I figured some really cool things about this multi-tasking dress.

  1. Comfort: 

Since shift dresses are anti fit, the comfort they offer is phenomenal. When you have to spend the whole day at work and then head to a party, what you need is pure comfort and freedom of movement. These dresses offer you just that. Wear them and walk around like a boss.

2. Colors and print:

A shift dress draws that perfect line between work and casual wear. So it is easy to experiment with colors and prints. Floral or geometric; pink or green; nothing will look too much or too gaudy on a shift dress. These dresses have little shape or detail, so to make this type of dress look more interesting and alive, pick one in a bright color or bold pattern.


3. Styling:

The headache of styling a shift dress is the least.  I styled these shift dresses with jackets/blazer and jhumkas. Blazers are the perfect alibi for taking these dresses to a meeting. You can wear your shift dress with a belt, scarf, statement necklace. Just remember, the idea of a shift dress is to keep it simple. That is their biggest advantage. So choose just one thing to customize your dress.

4. Shoes:

Isn’t it wonderful, when you do not have to worry about which shoes to wear with a dress? I am sure it is. When it comes to a shift dress, you can wear whatever shoes you are comfortable with. I am a very flats person. So my obvious choice is to wear flats. However boots and wedges make a perfect style statement too.


5. One size fits all:

Well, not literally. But one of the coolest things about a shift dress is, that is flattering to a variety of body shapes. So plus size or zero figures, everyone can look great in

a shift dress.



When you want a dress which gives you some room for breathing but still looks good, go for a shift dress. Since they are easy to accessorize and comfortable to wear, a shift dress is a classic style that will enhance any woman’s wardrobe.

Photographs by – Sameer Lodhi

Dresses byKarpasa

About Karpasa –

Karpasa Cotton Clothing is a Fashion Venture started by 2 close friends, Fashion Stylist & Designer- Anika Raghani and MBA cum- Fashionista- Ankita Porwal. Their exuberant passion for fashion and style brought the duo together. Their designs stand for simplicity yet richness and style evoking sensuality with a modern and ethnic refined style. Their garments spell/justify comfort, vibrant colors, visual appeal, and value for money. Whether you are a boho chic or a classic addict or a casual lover- they have a style to suit your statement on every occasion.

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