Choose Alternative and Sustainable Fashion this New Year – 4 ways to rethink what a Saree can do!

This year, 2016, has been fulfilling in a lot of ways.  I managed to travel a lot. My travel plans always took a back seat due to too much  work, no money and no leaves. But this year, I kept all those excuses at bay. I realized, there is so much to see and such little time. That has been quite a highlight.

The bigger thing that happened was, Drape a Story completed a year this 26th of December. It has been such a wonderful journey. The initial struggle became smooth with the help of friends and strangers who later became friends. Collaborations made me believe I can do better. When people trust you with their project, that kind of happiness cannot be measured. Through this journey, I have realized that the most difficult thing to do, is, to start. The right kind of push is what is required. Once we start, there is no looking back. Since my blog always spoke about Indian alternative fashion, I am closing the year with the same, hoping to make it a trend for the new year.

There used to be a time in India, when, wherever you looked, all you saw was Indian women draped in sarees. The styles would differ, but the object remained the same. However, today, most of us would prefer a salwar kameez over a saree, due to the hassles of carrying it and accessorizing it. Through my collaboration with The Revival Project, I have seen the saree resurface in the most modern and stylish way possible. I will take you through 4 different styles of the SAREE, which can fit into all your moods.



Since we, the modern Indian woman, spend most of our time at work, here is the version of your formal dress – a Kotpad saree turned into a well fitted formal dress. Made by the tribal’s of Orissa with natural dyes, this piece is definitely taking alternative fashion to a different level. The Kotpad is unbleached cotton, which is sustainable.

I have styled the dress with a Scottish checks muffler and flat pointed pumps. The look is apt for your perfect day at work. Always remember, less means more style.




Isn’t this Kanchipuram cotton weave maxi dress, all  you need for a girly brunch? It is comfortable and on point with style. We have all worn the lycra maxi dresses. How cool is it to wear the “saree” as a maxi dress? It is handwoven and makes you stand out amongst the crowd of – me too.

I have tried creating an urban street style look with this dress. Taking upon everyday items from your wardrobe, bringing it together for a perfect match is what this style is all about. So few bangles and a colour pop bag came across as the perfect element for this dress. The knot on the edge of the dress just helped pump up the style.




When was the last time you packed a saree for your beach holiday? Well, never I guess. This Andhra Mangalgiri saree, turned into a fabulous cape style dress can be that perfect outfit for a day at the beach.

Not too much effort is needed for styling. Some beads on the neck and flats can take you a long way.




This is what a humble Bengal Gamcha can look like! If you thought sarees are boring, see what it can turn themselves into. The off-shoulder trend has been crazy this year. However, I am not sure if this is going to be really big next year. The Bengal Gamcha saree turned into a trendy dress makes the look sit perfectly well. It is comfortable, stylish and classy for a date or party night.

I took on the Hipster style for this dress. This form of style anyways involves checkers and over-sized sunnies, amongst others. It is a reflection of all things vintage , artistic and independent. This dress was the perfect match for this style. The chunky silver neck-piece, sunnies and almond toe pumps completed the look pretty well.


Fashion for me has always been personal. It is a reflection of my personal style and what I feel right for my body. Choosing alternative over mainstream just makes my individuality stand out. I have always urged people who I know to choose what suits them. Following fashion blindly can do more harm than good.

Wardrobe – The Revival Project

Photographs by – PixelGlee By Rishi Gajbhiye


  1. Hi.. I love your outfit ideas and the way you incorporated sustainable fabrics into chic timeless outfits.
    Can you please share the sewing patterns for Blue mangalgiri cotton dress! You look lovely in that dress …


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