6 Inexpensive ways to add some Quirk to Linen Sarees

We all know how graceful a girl/lady looks in a saree. There is no other piece of clothing which eludes so much charm and elegance. However, a saree in the Indian context is always worn with a lot of accessories. It just brings too much bling to the entire outfit. The best part about a saree is, it is perfect in it’s own right. Too much is not too good for this piece of art.

I had two linen sarees from KaiMagga by DeepaShetty. Linen is known to be cool and comfortable. They look grand and have the perfect fall, which one could take to a wedding or work.
After a lot of thought, I realized that I didn’t want to mess up with the basics. Few elements is what I wanted to attach with them. The idea was to entice young girls and working professionals to adopt the saree as an important part of their wardrobes.

So here are 6 simple and inexpensive things from your wardrobe, which can add quirk to the regular linen sarees:

  1. Junk the Blouse:


So let’s face this. Everytime you bought a saree, you wondered what blouse to wear with it. Not all of us are fond of matching blouses which comes along with the saree. Most of us buy a different material to play contrast with the saree.

How about diving a little deep inside your wardrobe and picking up a top which can look brilliant with your saree? I had a black off-shoulder top, which I picked up from one of my street shopping days in Bandra. It looked perfect with the blue and orange linen silk saree.
Next time you plan to wear a saree, ditch the headache of getting a blouse in place. Make your mind work and coordinate a top which will sit perfect with your saree.


2. Badge game on:


This saree already had so much swag in it. The stripes and pompoms in the pallu made it a ready-to-wear-at-work saree. I paired it with a crop top and added few badges on the top.

Badges and patches are soon becoming a huge fashion trend. Most girls own them. So, instead of putting badges on your backpack, use them with your saree. You can add as many badges as you want. But remember, not to go overboard with them. It will kill the entire purpose of adding quirk.


3. Necklace on the waist:


Not all of us are fond of kamarbandh’s. It only looks good on a bride. If you want to add some funk to your waist, use a necklace from your accessory box. Don’t use something that has too many stones or too much shine. Use a subtle piece, which will add the right amount of glamour to your saree.
Tuck the ends of the necklace on your waist. You can use a tape to stick it from the inside or use pins. Feathers or manadla earings can also look very good and funky on the waist.


4. Sneakers and not shoes:


Yes, be that sporty girl in a saree. How cool is it to wear a pair of sneakers with a saree?

I realized that myself, when I tried it on for the shoot. They are just too comfortable. If you thought wearing a saree was uncomfortable, mostly because you had to wear shoes with heels, trash that thought. Pick up a neutral colour sneaker and walk like a boss with your saree.


5. Earings are not just for the ears:


Are you one of those who owns a lot of pretty earings? If yes, this look should just be fine for you.

Pick up one earing from a pair and put that on your blouse. It instantly changes the way your attire looks. DO NOT pick up a heavily embellished earing. It will completely kill the classy look. Stick to a neutral silver/bronze/dull gold earing.

Once you put the earing on the top, cover the end with cotton or soft tape. It will prevent the earing from hurting you.


6. Flower power:


Those floral hair accessories makes way to our hair just once or twice. After that, even we don’t know where they are kept.

I put one of mine to good use. Instead of wearing a necklace I just tucked one floral hair clip to my top. It held the pallu in place as well. This is an easy-to-do look. Ensure the colour of the clip and saree are not too contrasting. The clip should blend well with the saree. That will help you get the perfect look.


So go ahead and indulge yourself in some saree styling. These simple tricks are easy to try and looks classy as well as quirky.

Wardrobe by:  KaiMagga by DeepaShetty

Photographs by: PixelGlee By Rishi Gajbhiye

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