The Various Moods of Colour!

Brighten up your day with some colour pop Chanderi Dupattas!


Have you ever wondered how our lives are divided in phases? How each moment, feeling, event is just a phase? One moves to give way to the next. I have always felt, life is made up of many moments. Happy, sad, anxious, nervous, confident. So many mixed moments and emotions define our role here. However, we do not reflect greatly on the moments that have given us pure happiness and bliss. Sad and dull moments take up too much of our time.

In this world, we human beings are turning out to be machines. We all need to work. Yes. Work is important. Whether it is in office or at home. But, do we get to think beyond?  Do we think of ourselves? Take out a moment, breathe. Stop and feel that breeze on your face. Look into the mirror and appreciate yourself.

For every dull moment in your life, think about all those moments that have made you smile. That will lift up your spirit! I have always felt adding some colour to your life gives it a whole new meaning. By colour, I do not just mean colourful clothes. But a passion. Something that will make you a better person. Pick up a hobby, pursue it. Bring out those dancing shoes and go for that dance class. Lift that camera and go around the city capturing moments. Do what make your heart colourful and light.


Through today’s blog, I will splash some colour with beautiful chanderi dupattas. It is in collaboration with the fabulous team at Ethnic Dori. Dupattas have been in existence since the Indus Valley civilization. Not essentially in the form in which we see it now. This just proves how this age old style has evolved over the years. Being an Indian woman, I have always loved dupattas. Plain, printed, handwoven, embroidered, there are so many forms in which they are available. It not just adds flavour to your salwar suit, but also enhances your beauty. There is something ethereal about this piece of cloth.

I wanted to explore these beautiful dupattas. Take it beyond the conventional and regular way of dressing them up. I have picked up different clothing from my wardrobe to match with these dupattas. And, not all are salwar suits. These beautiful colours needed different moods. Read on as I take you through each of them.


Scarves all the way:

Not many have thought of taking a dupatta like a scarf. If you have, then you are a champ! And I already love you. When I saw this pretty fuchsia pink colour which had pretty blue birds on them, I knew it needed to be handled differently.


Mood 1:

The mood that I picked up here was the one of a confident young lady who will take on everyone who comes in between her dreams. The mood defines power, aggression (the right one), attitude yet graceful and warm.



A white palazzo and grey tee did not look so glamorous before. This pink Chanderi dupatta added so much life to an otherwise regular outfit. We usually stay away from something that is different. That, is not a good sign. Different is not uncool. You are someone who has the power to define your own path and not just follow. Walk away with all the attention. You totally deserve it.


Mood 2:

Hey happy girl next door! Your smile brightens up the day for so many. You are shy, yet playful. You are moody yet charming. This mood is apt for so many beautiful ladies I know. They do not care what the world has to say about them. Free spirited and happy. They leave behind so much of their aura that you cannot ignore them



The same combination of white palazzo and grey tee has been used. This time with a bright and beautiful blue chanderi dupatta with floral motifs. The look is very soft and humble. Someone who is very comfortable in their own skin. The use of the dupatta here is done in the humble style of a stole. Not too vivid and not too simple. It matches the mood. Captures the moment and stays in the soul.



Mixing Patterns:

This trend has been very different and stunning too. Carrying off different patterns, texture in one look, is a matter of confidence and attitude. There have been a lot of celebrities and social media stars who have rocked this trend, like a boss. Somehow, most of these trend have been experimented  mostly with western wear. In traditional Indian wear, I have witnessed a lot of evolution in patterns. Mixing silk with ikkat or kalamkari.. But there is so much more to explore in this space.

I picked up a floral printed skirt which is made of cotton silk, a black crop top, the on-trend choker neckpiece and added all of them together with a dazzling orange chanderi dupatta which has floral motif thread work done on it.



That pretty girl who gets lost in the crowd because she does not want to stand out. She knows she can do so much with herself, but has no one pulling her up. She has it all but is reserved, timid and withdrawn. It is colours and flowers that is used to uplift the lost beautiful girl. It will make her stand out, get noticed and become what she truly deserves to be.



Just pure colour play. Every splash of colour is a reflection of who this girl is. It is standing out to tell the world that notice her. The dupatta adds to much life to a this outfit. It is simple – skirt and crop top. Not too much of fanfare there. But when we add this piece of orange delight, it turns out to be so lively and fresh. Just how you want this timid girl to become a confident young lady.



India in my soul:

How could I have completed my blog, without bringing out the traditional Indian girl in me? A dupatta story cannot flourish without me wearing a salwar suit. I love this traditional form. How we all look so beautiful and different in it? I chose a plain pink kurta and green churidar to play host to a parrot green and sunshine yellow chanderi dupatta. And they looked exquisite and elegant.



Being who you are. That girl who likes to wear her outfit just the way it is meant to be. She will not experiment. Yet, she will look her best and stand out amongst the sea of identical people. Because her personality is such. She is strong, independent yet culturally aligned. She believes in tradition as much as she believes in modernism. She is the face of changing India.



Keeping it all Indian. Jhumkas, bling chappals, open wavy hair and a salwar suit with dupatta. All of these have been stitched together to bring out the quintessential Indian girl which all of us are. We believe in ourselves and achieve our dream. Yet we are rooted to our origin.


I hope the stories have been able to add some colour to your lives. All of us have a happy soul. We just need to keep that going. Don’t lose out on your spunk. It is you who can define YOU. No one else can.

Dupattas by – Ethnic Dori

Photographs by – Priyadarshini Mitra

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