The Various Moods of Colour!

Brighten up your day with some colour pop Chanderi Dupattas! Have you ever wondered how our lives are divided in phases? How each moment, feeling, event is just a phase? One moves to give way to the next. I have always felt, life is made up of many moments. Happy, sad, anxious, nervous, confident. So many mixed moments and emotions define our role here. However, … Continue reading The Various Moods of Colour!

I wear Handloom

In support of a great cause We, Indians are fiercely protective about everything that belongs to us. Family, friends, car, house, pets. You name it and we will jump to protect it. I have always found this to be one of our biggest strengths. It gives us the power to not let go. To hold on. To fight more for what is ours. Our current … Continue reading I wear Handloom