The Boho and Traditional Mix of Leheriya

Tie and dye from the land of Rajasthan


After a really long time, I got to do a shoot and write my blog. Sometimes, the wait is so worth it! We got a perfect location for these gorgeous clothes. The rains outside just made the whole set up so much more beautiful. The monsoon feel is back with a bang in the city of Mumbai. It has been raining non stop. But that does not pull the spirit of this city down. So I let go of all my laziness and jumped into doing this shoot on a rainy Saturday morning.

The story is on the bright, colourful tie and dye art from Rajasthan. The traditional beauty called Leheriya. It has always been a part of dupattas and Kurtas. But here, we take it to another level by giving Leheriya a modern and contemporary look.

One story keeps it’s original essence of being a part of a classy chanderi salwar suit. The other story is about the latest trend alert, called capes. The collaboration is with the talented designer, Ruchira Nangalia. A young, confident woman who knows how to add spunk to age old Indian handloom.


The traditional beauty of Leheriya:

This stunning handloom chanderi kurta has some serious detailed zardozi work. Zardozi is an ancient craft and one of the oldest form of hand embroidery. Chanderi is a classy handloom material which adapts any form of embroidery. The salwar suit is adorned with a beautiful, pink, yellow and orange Leheriya dupatta. It plays the perfect contrast to this subtle masterpiece. The beauty of the tie and dye art is, that it uplifts the mood of any outfit.


Take a closer look at the details done on the kurta. This is how classic and rich the thread work is. It is some really fine work adorning a beautiful designer outfit.

The Leheriya dupatta used with this outfit has some nice wave pattern on it. This is the speciality of the art form. It derives its name from the Rajasthani name of wave, since most Leheriya patterns come in wave forms. The beauty of this form is that various colours can be used to create this effect.

Adding a colourful dupatta with a subtle number just raises the bar.


This entire look reflects class and elegance. It is for the confident young lady, who will take on the world as it comes. Sit pretty with that attitude and make heads turn.



Boho and eccentric – Cape:

It takes a lot to think beyond the ordinary. To break the traditional shackles and do something that the heart wants to do. Ruchira, used Leheriya in the most unconventional way possible. Since capes are trending for the longest time, she used Indian traditional art form for the same. It is not everyday that you see handloom being used for anything other than it’s conventional form.


The skirt used with the top has some detailed pleats. Knot embroidery adorns the cape which gives the top an elevated look. It is modern and something that will make you stand out. A traditional art form, which was used by local traders in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for their turban, now has evolved into something that is a trend.


An outfit like this, with a burst of such happy colours, can just make your day. Use the cape separately as a blouse for a plain saree and take the skirt to work with a fitted shirt. There is so much one outfit can give you. Modernizing the Indian woman can happen when we give a different feel to our age old handwork. Using handloom just for Indian wear will always restrict it from conquering the world. We are proud owners of so many different kind of weaves and embroidery. The only way we can take it to the next level, is by making Indian contemporary outfits, the next big thing!


These fabulous outfits and more are available in the following places:

Pernia’s Pop-up Shop




Photographs by – Priyadarshini Mitra


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