The Humble and Stylish – Narayanpet

Fabric from Telangana with a strong Maharashtrian influence The monsoons have hit Mumbai real hard. It comes as relief, because the summer heat had got onto us real bad. Not to forget the drought affected areas of Maharashtra. So let’s welcome the monsoons 🙂 Everything around the city looks green and fresh. The smell of wet land, sets the perfect background for a nostalgic evening. … Continue reading The Humble and Stylish – Narayanpet

The Royal Art form – Kalamkari

Art form from Andhra Pradesh Off late I have been thinking about a few things quite deeply. Maybe, it is an impact of the break that I took. Sikkim had definitely been a rejuvenating experience. The people, the culture, the attitude. Everything was just too good. Once I returned to Bombay, the fast life seemed a little out of place. Everyone is just running. Rushing … Continue reading The Royal Art form – Kalamkari