Flare Play from Kanchipuram and Madurai

Revival of the sari – South Special


One of the best things about being an Indian girl is, growing up and owning your mother’s saris. All of us, at some point of time have always eyed those saris that mom draped beautifully on her. Poojas, weddings, family functions, every special occasion witnessed a sari.

My mother has a collection of over 100 saris from different parts of the country. I keep telling her, if she participates in the #100pact sari contest, she will easily emerge as the best! While growing up, I have always had my favorites. A blue bandhani sari, a green kanjivaram, a black handloom and a white and yellow ikkat. These have been absolute favorites. I am so glad all my favorites have been passed down to me ūüôā

However, in the modern context, wearing a sari sometimes becomes too time consuming. Not that I will trade that with anything else.

Preeti, from The Revival Project  (http://www.therevivalproject.in/) has given a whole new meaning to saris. She sources the handloom saris, directly from the weavers and turns them into contemporary fashion wear.  A collaboration with such a talented team was wonderful!


About The Revival Project:

A story woven into the rustle of its folds and whispers of its seams. Look and listen closely.

Maybe you see a cotton field baking in the sun. Or a weaver in a little hut pedalling a loom.

The Revival Project is born out of a desire to never let these stories die.

They have dedicated themselves to reinterpreting traditional handwoven cotton and silk saris into contemporary and exciting designs.

¬†Through this blog, I will take you’ll through the revival of the Kanchipuram silk sari and Madurai cotton sari. Both these saris have been used to create an on trend outfit – crop tops and flare pants.

All of us are aware, how these two styles have taken the fashion industry by storm. Everyone, everywhere is seen carrying one of these styles. But no one gave them an Indian spin. Preeti did.


Blue Checks flare pant made out of Madurai Cotton: 

 A major city in the state of Tamil Nadu, Madurai is very popular for its handloom cotton saris. The handloom industry of Madurai, has attracted a lot of foreign investors lately. Sungudi saris is what makes Madurai so famous. It is 100 percent cotton, dyed by way of extracting natural colors from leaves.

 The blue check flare pants are created out of a Madurai Cotton sari. Imagine, a handloom that goes back 100 years can have such influence on a modern trend. Flare pants are comfortable, easy to wear and stylish.

 They have been a hit this season. So owning one which is made out of 100% cotton can be fabulous. They are thinner and lighter than the others and it is best to wear them during summer, as it is made of pure cotton and has the ability to absorb the heat.



 Madurai Sungudi cotton saris have various forms of designs. Checks, stripes, jacquard weaving with floral zari, thread, temple style jacquard weaving borders and beautiful hand woven pallus, which works a good day and night look.

The fabulous Flare pants have been paired with a handwoven handloom dhotie top. Nothing can be more comfortable and summer ready than this outfit. I chose to keep the look easy. Therefore, the outfit was paired with a tribal necklace and matching earings. Not  an inch of bling is welcomed in this look. Carry them off with wedges or stilettos for an elevated look.

Other tips: For a different look try using the following elements:

  • Pair the check pants with a long white kurta which has high side slits. Rock the look with a red bold necklace and half knot hair. Take this look to work and fetch endless compliments.
  • The white top can be paired with a black/maroon/red/blue cotton wrap around or fitted maxi skirt. Wear the gladiator sandals and head out for a brunch with your girls. You can add a silver necklace to give the look some edge.

You can shop¬†the entire look at –¬†Revival Project


Multicolored crop top and black flare pants made out of Kanchipuram Silk: 

(Also called –¬†Conjeevaram,¬†Kanjeevarum,¬†Kanjiwaram, Kanjivaram)

 These are  traditionally woven silk from the village called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, India. This silk has dominated the world of South Indian saris for years. Every south sari is a mark of culture. Similarly, Kanchipuram is worn for an Indian wedding, ceremony or occasion. Generally, the zari used in a Kanjeevaram silk sari would be in gold and silver with silver running in first, coated with gold later.

I have read that the famous weavers of Kanchipuram have turned this fabric into masterpieces. It is the Kanchipuram sari which is one of the best creation from the material. The designs are influenced by scriptures of the temples of Kanchipuram.


This beautiful multicolored crop top has been made out of a Kanchipuram silk sari. While the flare pants are made out of the Kanchipuram silk material. The fabric is smooth a fluid, which makes it easy to wear. The rich shine of the clothes is a reflection of the silk used.


The Kanchipuram silk has evolved over a period of time, with reference to its designs and patterns. A lot of experimentation have taken place; like textures and shapes have been incorporated, instead of scriptures. These modern elements have found a larger audience.


This outfit – multicolored crop top and black flare pants is a fabulous piece for day and night wear. I added a little bit of punk to this entire look, by putting on that hat. It is summer time, carrying that hat is not just stylish, but wise too ūüėČ

Except for stud earings and ballerina shoes with kitten heels, there is no element added to this look. It is a bright piece with shine. Therefore, adding anything would ruin the style.

Other tips: For a different look try using the following elements:

  • Wear these black flare pants with a white shirt, to create a unique monochrome look. Ensure it is a fitted white shirt. The look is well suited for the boardroom as well as a dinner date. Either pin up your hair or let it all loose. Just wear studs. Let the look speak for itself.
  • You can also use these pants for casual wear. Therefore a fitted tee or tank top can work very well. Make a ponytail, put on your glares and head out as if you own the world.
  • This multicolored crop top can be used as a blouse for your single color sari. If you own a plain yellow/midnight blue/dark green/dark pink sari, pair it with this crop top. It is a¬†cracking¬†trend.
  • Pair the crop top with a flowing maxi skirt. Life feels easy and smooth.



You can shop¬†the entire look at –¬†Revival Project


Wardrobe courtesy – The Revival Project

Website –¬†Revival Project

Facebook Page –¬†The Revival Project

Photographs by – Sameer Lodhi

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