Layer Player!

A quick fix to everyday fashion

We all have those “too bored to dress up” days in life. In fact I have it almost every alternate day. This has a lot to do with the hectic schedule that we all follow. All of us have entered a routine lifestyle which gives us very little space for ourselves. That pending jog, visit to the gym, matching shoes and winged eyeliner; all takes a backseat.

However, most of us are aware about this amazing trend called – layering! With the use of layering in your clothes you can easily turn out to be quite a DIVA! From outdoor to indoor, for that unexpected chill, a layered look easily adapts to the environment around you. This is most stylish quick fix that you can do to stand out in the crowd.



A maxi dress layered with a denim shirt and held together with a rope belt can easily turn you from regular to not bad! Gives your outfit a lot more depth and ofcourse is fashionable and on trend. Keep this look simple with just a top knot and simple flats. Else the attention can easily get diverted from the dress to the rest.


When you think its time to take off that denim shirt, smartly use that rope belt as a hair accessory and flaunt the dress only! One dress, two fixes!


Apart from a maxi dress, the whole world has been taken by storm with the crop top and high waist style. Of course it is a gorgeous trend. But not all of us (especially me 😦 ) are gifted with those amazing abs. So what do we do? Not wear something as cool as that? Well we can, with the help of a little layering 🙂



Here a crop top and high waist skirt just has a floral jacket as a layering unit. Floral not only looks good but also catches a lot of attention. Therefore, the entire focus will not be, you know where 😉 You can also layer this look with a long cape.



Even the ones with surfboard tummies can use this look. It will add flavour to your costume. Else, you can always take it off and put on your confidence 🙂 A jacket always adds a lot of oomph to any regular outfit. Wear it for a brunch with your girls or on a date. It will surely make an impression.




Look simple and classy with this Milan Fashion week street style that has taken fashion to a different level. Play around with pattern, colors and texture and you have arrived!

Maxi dress – Street shopping in Colaba, Mumbai

Denim Shirt – Forever21

Belt – Hidden in my cupboard, have been put to use now 🙂

Crop Top – Quirk Box

High waist skirt – Forever21

Floral Jacket – Vero Moda


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